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4/17/2015 6:46 PM

NOTE: I am mentioning road details in this report because these are all well published routes along the official bluebonnet trails. So this report is not likely to cause a sudden rush to one particular road.

Update 4/18/2015: Ennis ‪#‎TexasBluebonnets‬ fields found along Andrews and Slate Rock Rd. There is a another moderate sized field along Andrews RD closer to Slate Rock. There are some nice views here and there in the Bristol area. If you have the time and want to travel some of the prettiest country roads in the DFW area, head to Bristol for part of the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails. Along the north trails, we saw horses with new colts, cows with baby calves, longhorns with bluebonnets and even a place along FM-813 where you can purchase bluebonnet plants and seeds. The Bluebonnet Festival was great fun with several neat attractions, vendors and at the Knox and McKinney St, the Wildflower Café.

Overall from what I saw today (4/17/2015) the Ennis area is below average. I made a very quick drive through and covered most of the main areas, but did not travel all routes. I would contact the folks at the Ennis Visitor Bluebonnet Trails for a more complete update.

These are the areas I covered:

FM-1182 and 1181:  A few fields lightly dusted with bluebonnets.  One or two large stretches at times. 

FM-85: Same as above, but with one moderately covered bluebonnet field

Mach RD field: lightly covered with blooms at best.

Field across from Mach RD field: some nice large areas.

FM-660: Large paintbrush field - dramatic enough to cause a near accident with cars stopping suddenly in the actual roadway. NO Wildflower is worth an accident!

Union Hill RD: More of the same with fields dotted or lightly covered with bluebonnets. The Barn House had virtually none with the exception of one small patch.  The field with the longhorns was partly covered with several long stretches. The longhorns were out.

Andrews RD: One part of the field was more than moderately covered. This was the best field I saw.

Sugar Ridge RD: Not the worse I have seen it, but far from the best.  Sadly once again there were lots of trampled down holes in the field. 

FM-813:  Moderately covered with bluebonnet blooms, but more competing vegetation than usual.

Added: Looks like the Ennis suffered from the problem as the Hill Country...too little rainfall in February and March along with too cool temperatures in the same time period. Plants did not bush up enough. There are a few nice areas just not enough to make it an average season.  However, it is enough for a visit to show your kids or grandkids some bluebonnets and possibly some longhorns, horses, and other cows with some bluebonnets.

New Post
4/17/2015 7:12 PM

I have posted several phone photos of several spots along the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails on the Texas Wildflower Report Facebook page.  Here is the best field I saw today which was the one along Andrews RD.




Ennis #TexasBluebonnets best field seen. Much Rd is subpar. Not much east of FM 85

Posted by Texas Wildflower Report on Friday, April 17, 2015
HomeHomeWildflower Seas...Wildflower Seas...TexasTexasEnnis UpdateEnnis Update