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3/30/2018 6:10 PM

Spring 2018 Texas Wildflower Season: Update 3/30/2018


Best reports continue to come in from the Brenham, but closer looks by a couple expert reporters/photographers have reveal that not all is 100% blue in Brenham area. Some favorite locations are not doing as well as others, but there are enough nice areas to keep most photographers happy clicking away with their phone or DSLR.  Other areas with good reports include some parts of Austin and some locations south of San Antonio. Currently, the Hill Country which includes the popular Willow City Loop have mostly negative reports.  The interesting data point is that the best reports coming in are nearly 100% matched with those areas that received close to normal rainfall since October 1, 2017 (the water year to date).  Other positive reports have been posted for some locations in the San Antonio - Austin to Brenham corridor which includes places like San Marcos, Bastrop, Flatonia, La Grange, Rockdale, Shelby, and Sealy. 

Here is a map showing the departure from normal rainfall since October 1, 2017 overlaid with stars indicating where the positive, negative and early bloom reports are located.  The green or no yellow indicates the area received normal or above normal rainfall. Notice where there is no yellow or very light yellow is where currently, the positive reports are located.  Where the yellow is darker or turning to orange is where the negative reports are located.

Map of Recent Reports

Now take a look at the 60-day departure from normal rainfall as of November 1, 2017 which would include most of September and October. Look closely where the locations are that are light yellow, green or no color. These are likely to be the locations that received enough rainfall for seed germination.  Why is this important? It is important, because most of our spring wildflowers including the two most popular species of bluebonnets germinate in the fall. You have to have plants to have blooms and the more plants you have the better the displays will be.

60-day departure normal rainfall as of November 1, 2017

My current thinking based on rainfall/temperature data combined with some field reports is that Brenham and the Texas 71/US 290 corridor from Austin to Brenham is having close to an average season in some locations. Other potential areas include SW of San Antonio (areas along I-35), parts of San Saba County and Mason County, and the Ennis area. 

Recent Reports

NOTE: These reports are either from our Texas Wildflower Report Facebook page ( or from the Texas Wildflowers Facebook Group ( ).  If you are not a member of the Texas Wildflowers Group you should be. It is an easy to join group with wildflower enthusiasts/photographers and a few wildflower experts to help ID that wildflower you photographed. While you are at it, please come and like

Austin Area:

3/2018 Austin Loop 360 and US 183/Research Blvd: Bluebonnets – looks like a large stretch along roadside.
3/17/2018 Bastrop Texas 71 and Texas 95: Large field of bluebonnets in full bloom. There is no safe access to this field and those visiting should do so at their own risk. It is not clear if this field is on private property or the public right-of-way. If this is private property and you trespass you could be issued a ticket resulting in a fine/jail time.
3/25/2018 Stretch of bluebonnets east on Texas 71 near The Grove Restaurant.
3/25/2018 Stretch of Bluebonnets Spicewood Tx on Hwy 71
3/27/2018 Large area of bluebonnets at Brushy Creek Lake Park in Cedar Park north of Austin.
3/28/2018 Small patch of bluebonnets at Lake Line Blvd across from Capitol Metro Train Austin Tx
3/28/2018 Patches of bluebonnets near Lake Line Mall

Brenham Area:

3/2018 Chappell Hill: Bluebonnets along US 290 and Indian Paintbrush RD.
3/24/2018 & 3/25/2018 Bill Shelton – detailed reports with several locations and with dated photos

3/24/2018 Phil Brown – detailed report with photo and several locations listed.

2/29/2018 Bluebonnets mixed with other wildflowers - Independence, Texas
3/26/2018 Large Field of bluebonnets on Old Independence Rd north of Brenham, TX.
3/26/2018 First Baptist Church Chappell Hill, 7675 FM 2447, Chappell Hill, TX 77426

Also see the March 23th update from the Brenham wildflower watch (  ). The last week of March is usually the peak time for Brenham, so perhaps there will be nice Easter bluebonnet locations. The Brenham report has listings of bluebonnet locations with safe access including a church that has graciously provided a port-a-potty. Perhaps, a donation to that church is in order if you visit and take photos there?

Ennis Area:

3/29/2018 Photo of bluebonnets near Sugar Ridge Winery along Sugar Ridge RD -
Still way too early to expect anything but some early blooms from the Ennis area. Their recent report ( ) is very encouraging, so it is worthwhile to keep watch on the Ennis area for some nice bluebonnet displays.

San Antonio and South Texas Area:

3/2018 Dilley along I-35: Mixed white and rose prickly poppies.
3/19/2018 Rosenberg to Poteet: My trip report -
3/25/2018 Large field of mixed wildflowers - SE of Natalia County RD 6723 runs south from I-35
3/25/2018 My trip report to areas south of San Antonio -
3/27/2018 Roadside bluebonnets along Blanco Rd north of Timberwood Park (north of Loop 1604)

Reports from Other Areas:

3/2018 Rockdale: Some healthy-looking stands of bluebonnets along Texas 79 before Rockdale.
3/23/2018 large field of bluebonnets along Shelby RD, Shelby, Texas.
3/26/2018 FM 227 west, 4 Miles out of Grapeland, Texas in Houston County
3/29/2018 Several patches of mixed flowers in Stephen F. Austin Park, San Felipe - NE of Sealy, Texas

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HomeHomeWildflower Seas...Wildflower Seas...TexasTexasSpring 2018 Texas Wildflower Season: Update 3/30/2018Spring 2018 Texas Wildflower Season: Update 3/30/2018