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4/6/2018 11:16 AM

Texas Wildflower Trip Report: Areas NE of San Antonio - 4/5/2018

Trip Date: 4/5/2018
Communities visited: Cibolo, Seguin, Prairie Lea, Luling, Lockhart, Lytton Springs, Niederwald, New Braunfels.


  • FM 1518 to FM 78 – very little
  • FM 78 to US 90 – mostly green, but a stretch of primrose and phlox east of Cibolo.
  • US 90 to Gander Slough RD – wow how green then what’s that yellow? – oh bastard cabbage field.
  • Gander Slough RD to FM 671 – I did see what I think could be some May wildflowers coming, but very little now.
  • FM 671 to 183– FM 671 is one of the old “secret roads”, but this year only hints of its past glory.
  • US 183 to just north of Texas 21 – field of bluebonnets along the east service road going north on 183. Travel the service road a mile or so north of the intersection with Texas 21. ***See below ***
  • Texas 130 (toll) – I did not technically travel this route, but I drove along it going to the field along US 183. There were long wide stretches of bluebonnets all along the banks and shoulders of Texas 130. Others have reported this coverage extends all the way to Georgetown.
  • FM 1854 through Lytton Springs to US 183 – some patches along the roadside, a few small yard fields with bluebonnets and some fields with a dusting of bluebonnets or scattered clumps.
  • FM 2001 to then across Texas 21 and loop back to Texas 21 – two good fields of bluebonnets along FM 2001 going south from Texas 21.  *** See below ***
  • Rogers Ranch RD to Texas 21 – a few patches and some fields with a scattering of bluebonnets, but nothing as good as what is on FM 2001. There are many other backroads in this area, perhaps there are other fields?
  • Texas 21 – Field of primrose evening primrose just past intersection with Yarrington RD going south on Texas 21.
  • Texas 21 to Texas 80 to CR 266 (Old Bastrop RD) to Texas 123 to FM 1101
  • FM 1101 – Field mixed with bluebonnets and primrose along FM 1101 west of Texas 123. ***See below***
  • FM 1101 to Texas 46 to I-35 to home

Total Miles traveled: 233+

Short Story

I saw only a few new areas that were not already reported by Colette and Mike. Only one new area was worthy of a stop and it is mentioned below.  Good news – I found enough to allow me to take some decent photos and in two spots smell the sweet fragrance of bluebonnets. The big benefit of my trip report is to tell you where not to waste your time and gas.  The three main spots already found by Colette and Mike were where I stopped.  Most everywhere else besides the three spots where I stopped on 4/5/2018, the main color was green – green grass, green crops, green trees, green shrubs –  green, green, green, green! I did see color from patches and stretches here and there along the roads and sometimes in field. The color was mostly from pink evening primrose, dotted blue-eyed grass, Texas vervain (Verbena halei), verbena, phlox and bluebonnets.  However, none of these other areas beckoned me to stop. I drove down “secret” roads that in the past used to have roadside wildflowers and fields of bluebonnets. I saw only hints or teases of what had been in the past – a whiff as you were of the fragrance now fading.  At times the pink evening primrose almost cover the roadsides, but the grass was poking through overtaking it.  Could there be other spots out there that I missed? Sure, if you want to go driving around to find new ones, then just scratch off the ones I traveled that had very little. If you want to go straight to the good spots, see below.

Full Story

US 183 north of Texas 21: Large field set back from the edge of the service road. You need to travel north about a mile along US 183 and stay right – do not get on Texas 130. Once you pass the overpass for Texas 21 you will see the field to your right.  This is a very large field, but lots of green in the front, so landscapes will be tough unless you use a zoom to compress the shot. I did find a few patches of pink evening primrose and bluebonnets in the right-of-way that help as front cover for the field. This is private property, so you must get permission from the land owner to enter the field. There is sufficient right-of-way to pull over and photograph from the right-of-way shoulder. (This was previously reported by Colette Pearce.)

FM 2001: There is one really large field along this route just south of Texas 21 intersection. The field consists of long wide stretches of solid bluebonnets. I did not find the field photogenic, but it is very awesome to see (This was previously reported by Mike Jones). Right, up FM 2001 from this field just past Rogers Ranch RD is another smaller field that is also banded with wide stretches of bluebonnets. I spotted a cluster of the baby-blue colored bluebonnets in this field. The bluebonnets at this smaller field run close to the fence, but do not extend that far into the field, so a landscape shot is not a good option. I zoomed in on and shot a two-image panorama to compress part of the field. Both of these fields are fenced private property – do not enter without permission from the owner of the property!

FM 1101: A really nice field mixed with pink evening primrose and bluebonnets is located along FM 1101 a little over 3 miles west of the Texas 123 intersection. With the correct lighting conditions this could be a really awesome photographic opportunity. The field is on the northside, so no sunset or true sunrise shot is possible, but the sun over your shoulder gives some interesting lighting, especially if there are clouds to the north. The field is on the right as you travel west from Texas 123. This is fenced private property – do not enter without permission from the owner of the property!

Conclusion: There are wildflowers including bluebonnets out there in the areas northeast of San Antonio especially in the Lockhart – Niederwald area, but not at the levels in past years. The long stretches of bluebonnets along Texas 130 looked really nice, almost reminiscent of Texas 71 in the Hill Country. There are nice spots here and there and some where you would not expect.  The area is green, but mostly from grass, and crops. However, I did see other plants that might provide some more color later in the season. I give the area a C- overall, but some spots as reported above and the coverage along Texas 130, I give B.  That one field on 1101, just because it is so colorful with the right lighting conditions, I give an B+, almost an A-.
Next Trips: I hope to make a short trip to the Hill Country then a swing through Brenham on the way to Ennis.   


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HomeHomeWildflower Repo...Wildflower Repo...Texas Wildflowe...Texas Wildflowe...Trip Report: Areas NE of San Antonio - 4/5/2018Trip Report: Areas NE of San Antonio - 4/5/2018