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Wildflower Travel Guides


Texas Bluebonnet Report eBooks

New PDF eBook guides to help you plan your visit to view and photograph our beautiful state flower, The Texas Bluebonnet. The guides include rainfall analysis, routes, route maps and more.

  • Brenham Area
  • Ennis Area
  • Hill Country 


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Texas Wildflower Report - 2016 Outlook

Texas Wildflower Report - 2016 Outlook

Coming off a fall with above normal rainfall that exceeded the "once-in-a-lifetime" 2010 Wildflower Season, will this Spring Season match the grandeur of the 2010 Season? Find out in our 2016 Outlook eBook. You can find it in the eBooks section.

A Texas Wildflower Scene

When Should I Come to See Texas Wildflowers?

With the promise of normal to above normal rainfall this year, we are potentially on the verge of a "once in a lifetime" show of Texas Wildflowers. So when will that show begin and how long will it last? I try to answer those questions in my forum post - When Should I Come to See Texas Wildflowers?

Bluebonnet Hill 

How Will El Niño Impact Texas Wildflowers?

El Niño usually means above normal rainfall for Texas during the late fall through early spring. Above normal rainfall during this time period will usually enhance the germination of our spring wildflowers and promote the growth of large healthy plants that produce more blooms. More...

Longhorn in Bluebonnets

New Wildflower Locations Series

I have just started a new short blog series highlighting wildflower locations for photography and study. First up is a series on the Ennis area and the Texas Hill Country. I will be giving some tips on where to photograph sunsets/sunrises, animals with wildflowers, and interesting structures to add to your landscapes.



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