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Common Sunflowers - May 31, 2016

2022 Winter Rainfall Report

Note: Due to some personal commitments, I will likely miss the first part of the season and may not be able to post my usual full report. Basically the full report will be very close to what I have already posted in my 2022 Winter Rainfall Report on the Texas Wildflower Report Page. Here is a summary of that report. 

Summary: Overall winter rainfall has been below average, but with a few spots close to or above average. Ennis and Brenham areas continue to see below average rainfall.  The Hill Country did have some areas with above average rainfall in the last part of January to early February, but since then the rainfall has been below average.

What Does This Mean?

Based on a recent scouting trip in the Hill Country by Johnny Boyd (https://www.johnnyboydphotography.com ), we are on track for another “hit and miss” season. The fall rainfall was encouraging for several locations especially for parts of the Hill Country for germination. However, given that Johnny did not see widespread evidence of plants, I believe the coverage could be spotty.  Bluebonnet plants know how to survive through drought, but their response is usually to produce smaller plants with fewer blooms. For us who want to see huge dramatic displays, this might not be the season. That said, there could be some surprises, so I would not write off the entire season. Even in Ennis and Brenham there could be some surprises. We will have to wait longer to see what does bloom and the timing could be off.

One possible area for some surprises is that strip just east of the I35 corridor from Austin to San Antonio. That area got enough rain in the fall and in the past 30 days. This would include the area southeast of San Marcos and northeast of New Braunfels to just west of Lockhart. Some of those roads could include Texas 130, FM 1101, FM 2001 and Rogers Ranch RD. Communities would include Reedville, Uhland and Niederwald. This is just an assumption based on reports in those areas back in 2018. There is no guarantee that anything will develop in that area this year. It just happens to be the best guess based solely on the fall and winter rainfall. 


Best Time to Visit Texas for the Spring Wildflower Show

Are you planning to visit Texas to view the spring wildflowers? Because Texas is so big the wildflowers bloom at different times depending the location in Texas. Generally, the bloom line will march north from deep South Texas, but it will vary depending on elevation and species of wildflower. Check out the article, "When Should I Come to See Texas Wildflowers?" for the details, including a map showing the progression of the bluebonnet bloom-line and a chart with bloom times for some of the other major wildflowers. 

Wildflower Travel eBooks

Whether you are new to the Texas Spring Wildflower show or you just need some guidance on where to go, our Texas Bluebonnet and Wildflower Routes eBooks can help.  Each one contains maps and suggested routes that have had some of the best displays in the past. There is an eBook for the following major wildflower areas in Texas:

Brenham – located northwest of Houston is unique in its Texas history and has some really nice rolling hillside displays. The historic and scenic La Bahia Road (FM 390 loop) from Burton through Independence, Texas is a must do drive anytime of the year. The Brenham eBook highlights roads like FM 390 and some “off-the-beaten” paths. 

Ennis – located just south of Dallas, the Ennis area is known for its dramatic bluebonnet displays. The local garden group goes out each year and puts up signs for the best routes. Our eBook includes the Ennis published routes with comments on what you can find along the routes along with some routes not usually listed by the garden group. The Ennis eBook also covers other areas in the region that can also produce some great displays. 

Hill Country – located northwest of San Antonio, is a favorite of landscape photographers. With majestic hills and valleys with rugged country roads, the Hill Country covered with wildflowers is a sight not to be missed. Not every year is the best, but even in an average year there are some great views to be enjoyed and photographed. The Hill Country eBook lists some special routes and highlights some of the small communities. How about a bluebonnet covered cemetery from the 1800s?

San Antonio – South/East eBook covers some of the popular counties just south and east of San Antonio, Texas. Counties like Atascosa County where you can view fields of sandyland bluebonnets, phlox or paintbrush.  If you like a variety of wildflowers with some bluebonnets thrown in, then this eBook is what you need.

All of these eBooks are free to download and evaluate. If you use them then please donate $5 for each one you download or $15 for all four.  This is our only source of income to help keep this site going.

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