Mealy Blue Sage, Salvia farinacea

Mealy Blue Sage
Photo taken 5/7/2006 along I-35 service road near Salado, Texas

Meally sage is a deer resistant fragrant wildflower that will do well in your garden. It will not only provide beauty in your garden it will attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.  It blooms from April through the summer into the fall months. Over the years I have seen large areas of mealy sage put on some really dramatic shows. Since its flowering time overlaps with several other wildflowers, you capture some colorful mixtures in your landscape photos.  Where the bluebonnet might not grow, the mealy sage fills in the gaps.

Some historic locations:

  • I-10 west from Boerne to Kerrville.
  • FM-289 south from Comfort.
  • Old #9/Old San Antonio RD north from FM-473
  • James Kiehl River Bend Park
  • I-35 near Salado, Texas
  • Texas 41 going west of I-10 north of Kerrville (2007 there were several miles of it along Texas 41).
  • Texas 27 from Texas 41 to Comfort
  • RR-1340 from Texas 41 to Hunt

Other Images of mealy blue sage:

Mealy Blue Sage
Photo taken 4/22/2016 at James Kiehl River Bend Park

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